Designer and Developer Specializing in Game Narrative
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SYNCED is a free-to-play match-based looter shooter. Play as a Runner armed with a unique Nano-companion and turn your greatest enemy into your biggest strength.

Launched by NExT Studios in September of 2023, SYNCED offers seasonal stories that deepen the PVE experience as players uncover the truth of The Collapse, the near-apocalyptic event that pits the last of humanity against the nanos - bio-engineered machines run amok.

Carl has been the senior technical narrative designer at NExTin 2021, when he helped the team design and implement a localization pipeline to support the game in 13 languages. He manages an expanding database of in-game dialogue, and manages content for audio recording sessions that are involve real-time collaboration between teams on 3 different continents. Additionally, he contributes to character and world design, writing lore and dialogue.